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How to Use This Time to Learn – Post-Quarantine Plan

Has your business been hit by the Pandemic 2019? Has 2020 been a rocky ride for you as a small business owner? If it helps. you are not alone. This time can either be used drowning yourself in utter pessimism and grief or using it to learn things  and acquire skills that will help you run your business. Re-focus and […]

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Re-Purposing Your Social Media Strategy During a Crisis

In times that are gloomily uncertain, how does one use their social media to further their brand and still be empathetic to the situation? There is an influx of information, almost an overload. We see unverified statistics, just basically anything anyone thinks is worth sharing is shared without authentication. So how do you navigate your brand’s social media through these […]

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Marketing Your Business When Things Are Uncertain

One thing you can learn from the large players in any market is that when business or the economy is slow or uncertain, is that they market their businesses more, not less. If you’re not in front of your clients, solving their problems, telling them what they need and how you can help when they need you most, their loyalties […]

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3 Tips to Overcome a Creative Block

  Creative stagnation – a terrifying reality for most of us. Creative enthusiasm, for me, comes in waves, sometimes making it hard to maintain the same level of enthusiasm throughout. Reasons for a creative block may vary from person to person,  ranging from emotional shifts to an overbearing perfectionist attitude. I found that the easiest, most effective way of overcoming […]

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Designer for a Day – The 4 W’s

What is Designer for a Day? An 8-hour workday for a one time cost of $960 inc GST. Designer for a day is an idea that was materialised when I saw a need for temporary in-house graphic designers for small – medium-sized businesses. There was a glaring need for brands that did not have the budget nor the workflow to […]

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Gradient Logo Design – When to Choose a Gradient for Your Logo

5 min read There is a difference between a gradient blend and stacked colours – often, people confuse the two, hence the need to clearly outline what a gradient is and what classifies as a gradient logo design. What is a Gradient? In essence, gradients are slow and gradual colour transitions in which colours bleed into each other. Gradients can […]

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Top 3 Logo Trends of 2019 – Trend Report

Each year starts with Pantone colour of the year and ends with a roundup of all the design trends we saw prevalent. While everyone may not agree on the top trends, we all agree that like each passing, we see the industry experimenting, growing and wowing everyone in the process of creating these trends. Clever Use of Negative Space Designers […]

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3 Success Tips For The Entrepreneur In You

With more and more young’uns looking to start their own business, the small-business trend is really taking off. The younger generation wants to start their own ventures, with research stating that a whopping 62% of Millenials wants to materialise their business ideas. There is no set recipe for success, but for someone who has been running a massively successful business […]

3 Ways to Make Christmas Cards More Fun – Getting Creative

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about Christmas cards! Each year, I rank my cards in order of “most fun”. This is what inspired me to design my own Christmas cards; I have been doing so for years for brands that want to send their customers customised holiday cards. 1)Get Creative   It’s […]

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What’s The Difference Between A Typeface And A Font?

Typeface and font are terms often thrown around in the graphic design community; clients tend to get confused between the two. It is extremely easy for beginners to get confused between the two, in fact, most people think the two words can be used interchangeably. As erroneous as that is, as a designer I can understand how easy it is […]