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Top 3 Logo Trends of 2019 – Trend Report

Each year starts with Pantone colour of the year and ends with a roundup of all the design trends we saw prevalent. While everyone may not agree on the top trends, we all agree that like each passing, we see the industry experimenting, growing and wowing everyone in the process of creating these trends.

Clever Use of Negative Space

Logo Design for Weatherproof Restorations

Designers have always used negative space to highlight or deflect attention to a certain part of their design, but in 2019, we saw a more pronounced, clever and widespread use of negative spaces in designs.

The absence of clutter creates negative space that in turn works with the design elements to create perfect harmony resulting in an aesthetically pleasing design.



Like negative spaces, highlights work to direct attention to the desired part of the design. A great strategy when branding for a social media centred business (Like most), highlights grab the attention quickly and deliver the message effectively.

The use of bright shades like neons or hot pink tends to grab the attention, be it in a good way or a bad way that depends on your design.


Use of Clear-Cut, Brand-Relevant Scripts

Gone are the days when standard typeface was used. Everything about your brand’s branding needs to be you! From the colour palette to the typeface to even the type of paper you select for your business cards!

This is why we prefer to work on creating an apt typeface that can be used on all of the branding material, adding to a brands consistency.

Excited to see how we push boundaries in 2020!


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