Why does my logo print blurry?

So you got a nice, shiny, brand new logo, and it looks great on your website. Then you decide you want to put it on a flyer advertising your service, but when it comes back from the printer, the logo is all blurry, your flyer looks amateurish, and it looks awful next to the other graphics on the flyer, which […]

Popular fonts—and why we love them

They might not mean that much to you, but designers have love/hate relationships with fonts. Working with ones they don’t like invoke a visceral reaction in your designer’s belly, and working with ones you do can make you stop and slow clap in the middle of a job. So which fonts do designers love? And what makes them so good? […]

What is a Vector File?

One of the bugbears every designer will come across at some stage is dealing with files they can’t work with. If you’re working with a designer, one of the best ways to get your jobs done quickly and easily—translate: cheaply—is by providing them with the right files. Designers love vector files. So what’s a vector file, and why do they […]

Your brand is more than your logo

There’s a common mistake that many business owners make: they have a logo made, and assume that’s all they need to do to get their business out there. Logos are a very important part of your business’s visual identity. But in essence, they’re the starting block for everything else you do: how you market your services, the style and feel […]

Should I trademark my logo?

One question we get asked a lot by our clients is whether or not they should trademark their logo. The most obvious answer is yes—it’s the only way to ensure complete legal protection of your brand assets. But there are a few other considerations that weigh into the debate, and you might find that you’re comfortable with the inherent copyright […]

How do you design a good logo?

One of the most important and time-consuming jobs a graphic designer can do is designing a logo. There’s a lot more involved in the process than most people know, because there’s a lot riding on it: just one little logo can be one of the most important supports for the entire business. It has to identify and represent the company […]

How to Execute a Successful Brand Rollout

Follow our tips and make sure your rebranding launch is effective. 1. Prepare everything BEFORE you launch. Have your new business cards, email signatures, website etc ready to go. Stop using old branded stuff immediately upon launch. 2. Determine WHO needs to be told. Some stakeholders will need a personal approach. Consider the depth of your relationships. Partners, ambassadors, staff, […]

image displaying differences between a logo in PNG and JPG format

What’s the Difference Between JPG and PNG Files?

When editing and saving files and choosing file extensions, you might have noticed the numerous options available when it comes to images. You’ll mostly see JPGs and PNGs, but what are they? And which one is the best to use? What’s a JPG? file formats that compress images through ‘Lossy Compression’. This means that the file is compressed into a […]

2021 colour combination trend for brands - illuminating plus ultimate gray

Brand Colour Trends for 2021

Although there is always something sleek and classic about a black and white scheme, new colour trends are important to stay innovative and fresh when it comes to your brand – so here are the best trends for this year. 2021 is all about bouncing back better than ever, which is why Pantone’s colour of the year is actually two […]

covid-19 effects banner

Covid-19 Effects – Understanding the shift in consumer behaviour

This pandemic has not been easy on business owners and start-ups. Businesses belonging to certain industries have taken the hit much harder due to the nature of their running. I tend to focus on sustaining and supporting the small business community. hence the need to address and educate my own about the importance of understanding the shift in consumer behaviour […]