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Covid-19 Effects – Understanding the shift in consumer behaviour

This pandemic has not been easy on business owners and start-ups. Businesses belonging to certain industries have taken the hit much harder due to the nature of their running.

I tend to focus on sustaining and supporting the small business community. hence the need to address and educate my own about the importance of understanding the shift in consumer behaviour during this pandemic ( COVID-19).

1)People are online more than ever

What are you doing during quarantine? From one social media handle to another, even the dullest of articles seem read-worthy these days.

We are locked indoors, your customers are locked indoors, with a lot of time on their hands, this is the time for you to get online, revamp your social media and get posting.

2)Go virtual

Bars and lounges are holding delivering booze and holding virtual Trivia nights! Get creative, take every aspect of your business and see how it can be one remotely.

3) You can leave a lasting impact


Be empathetic, offer discounts, be there for your customers, This will create brand loyalty like no other, your customers will remember you as the brand that cared.

Apprehensions and pessimism have never resulted in success stories. Times are tough, but your versatility and adaptability can take your business a long way.



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