What is a Favicon?

I make it a habit to address and compile a list of questions my clients often ask me – a personalised FAQ collection. I get questions ranging from copyright concerns to queries about print-ready file formats. Brands grow, and having a professionally designed, fully functional website is an integral part of any modern-day brand and with a fully functional website


Attributes of a Good Book Cover

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we are left with no choice, are we? Your book can have the best of content but a good cover will help it fly off the shelves faster. So I decided to list down my checklist for a bang on book cover! 1) Does It Catch My Attention? If I


What Happens When Brands Lose Sight Of Who They Are

You will fade if you lose sight of where you came from and what you are. This rings true for brands as it does for life. Often we see big brands shed their core identity, and re-market themselves based on the present-age consumer trends. Pizza Hut has experienced declining sales and customer ratings. In 2018, Domino’s surpassed pizza hut in


Project Update: Orange Environmental

Company Name: Orange Environmental About the Company Orange Environmental is a small boutique environmental consulting business. For the last ten years, Natasha (Principal Scientist and Director, Orange Environmental) has worked as a sole trader and specialises in managing the environmental approvals process for major infrastructure projects. Her business is a bespoke one in that differentiates itself from other environmental consultants


Understanding the New Age Consumer Via Brands

The modern consumer is more aware of their environment and what they consume. People do not just want to mindlessly consume anymore, they want to be responsible buyers. It is not surprising that both new and existing brands want to capture this new market segment, thus the increased focus on creating and marketing sustainable products. One such brand is Everspring


TermiTech TPC – Securing your Properties

A logo that can mesh well with their red vehicles and charcoal uniforms, we decided to keep it clear, direct and simple. The outline of the text box represents the protection/encasement from termites and pests - secure properties with Termitech TPC.


Bringing Childhood Heroes to Life – JKL Freight Lines Logo

JKL wanted a text only logo, one that paid tribute to their childhood heroes QFM. The team at JKL wanted something that was easy to decipher, yet a visual representation that left their potential and existing customers feel amazed. They had a preference for a luxurious gold logo. The process Like all our logo consultations, we start by giving our clients a logo brief questionnaire to fill out. Based on the answers in the questionnaire, we design three logos/logo concepts for the company to choose from.


Are Brochures Still of Relevance in Today’s Digitised World?

With a shorter attention span than ever, our focus is the result of content being rammed down our throats. Internet users like you and I have sort of developed a scrolling habit that just leads to us skimming through things and moving past without actually stopping to take that information in.

working on logo concept

5 Things to ask yourself before going for a logo consultation

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a start-up, and you’ve got it all everything in place – all that’s left is a visual identity to go with it. In order for you to get the most out of your time, effort, and money it is important to ask yourself these things before you book a logo consultation. Work


Why should I have my logo in vector format

Panicky – we often find our clients asking us what Vector files are. Vector graphics program like AI (Adobe Illustrator) use mathematical formulae to construct and store an image. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF HAVING MY LOGO IN VECTOR FORMAT? Can be easily used on any product, stretched, or scaled down without losing its sharpness and quality. Easy to change


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