logo Thought process

Rantings of a Graphic Designer – Logo Thought Process

ABOUT OUR PROJECT NAME OF THE COMPANY: R2OAGRIBUSINESS R2OAgribusiness hired me and my team to do a complete branding of their Meat exporting business. We not only had to come up with a suitable name for this relationship-oriented company but also design their logo, business cards and other stationery. THE PROCESS COMING UP WITH A NAME Extremely relationship oriented, the […]

colours and logos

Rantings of a Graphic Designer – Colours and Logos.

To me, colours aren’t just shades on a spectrum but a means of expression. Ever wondered why the colour red is associated with fury, vigour and enthusiasm? Why do colour, that is merely just a reflection, evoke feelings in us? A means of non-verbal expression, colours can be used to represent a brands personality and the kind of vibe it […]


Rantings of a Graphic Designer – Quilling and how it makes me feel.

Ever get the feeling of serenity; pieces falling together and things coming together. As a designer, my head does not see mere colours but rather representations of moods and feels, similarly, quilling is the one thing that has endlessly fascinated me since childhood. WHAT IS QUILLING? Quilling is simple the process of using strips of paper to form designs and […]

Rantings of a Graphic Designer – Stealing the perfect shade of blue.

Ever wondered what the drawbacks of appearing too high end are? Let me tell you, you leave a huge market untapped because the middle-class, the domestic consumer feels too intimated by your high-end brand persona. Offering a multitude of services ranging from domestic/residential plumbing to mining and industrial hydraulic services – Tricore Trade Services needed to re-brand and make it […]

Rantings of a Graphic Designer: Is a brand and a logo the same thing?

We often think that a brand and a logo are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. Though a logo is a huge part of a brands image, it is not the only thing that makes a brand. Business owners often wonder what a logo is; a logo is a visual representation of your brand and it’s identity. It is a […]

The Nintendo Logo

The Nintendo Switch Logo

This March, Nintendo launched its new console. The newest from Nintendo is a hybrid console that has a dual use. with the launch of its new home/tablet console, we saw the reveal of their new logo. The logo with a colour theme similar to that of Coca-Colas, the red and white have been used to create a very millennial feel […]


Brand Wars: Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi (Pt. 3 Coca-Cola’s logo evolution)

BRAND WARS COCA-COLA VS PEPSI It is no secret that Coca-cola has, perhaps, one of the most recognised logos around the world. The red and white theme has become synonymous with the brand’s identity and image. However, the logo, as we see it today, has not always been this refined. In the 1890s, the brand had this extremely strange logo […]


Brand Wars: Coca-Cola VS. PepsiI (Pt 2 An in-depth look at PEPSI’S logo evolution)

LOGO EVOLUTION COCA-COLA VS. PEPSI PEPSI LOGO DISSECTED Pepsi soon got rid of its first logo that looked like it had been scribbled by a child version of Tim Burton. Over time, the logo has refined into what it is now; a circular, red, blue, and white. However, what Pepsi has failed to do is keep consistency. They started out […]


Brand Wars: Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi (Pt. 1 Difference in Advertising)

DIFFERENCE IN ADVERTISING COCA-COLA VS PEPSI When we tend to look at two rival companies, and their approach to advertising; the Coca-Cola and Pepsi war serves as the best example of one. These two leaders of the soft drink industry always seem to be at loggerheads; be it for market share or the best holiday advertisement. This brand war intrigues […]


Pantone colour of the year – 2018

The Pantone colour institute in its own words: “Recognized around the world as a leading source of colour information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom colour development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity, Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology and emotion of colour in their design strategy.” Each year Pantone colour institute releases […]