Graphic Design

Why should I send out professionally designed Christmas greeting cards to my clients?

So why should you, as a business owner opt for customised holiday greeting cards?

  1. Gives a more professional feel
  2. Customised to reflect your business
  3. Work as a great way to remind, and reach-out to old clients; a subtle marketing campaign.
  4. Streamlines the entire process, we can also recommend a printer that does mail-housing.


What is the difference between a logo and an icon?

Another question we get asked often is what the difference between an icon and logo is.

The best to go about this is to start with examples; the Apple design is a logo, whereas the iTunes is a music note icon.

Icons are more often used to convey the use of a certain element.

Another example is the Facebook ‘Like’ Icon. It uses the same colours as the Facebook logo but the message and use are completely different.

As a logo designers, for us, the simple rule of thumb is that a logo is an effective, simple, and yet memorable symbol used to crucially present a brand, business or organization.


Why is my logo printing a different colour than what's on the screen?

So there's two main colour codes - CMYK and RGB.

RGB is screen colours and CMYK is the print colours. If you print stuff from the computer, often it prints off looking a different colour than what you see on the screen. That's because what you're seeing on the screen was designed in RGB colour codes and your printer will convert it to CMYK colour codes.

Sometimes it gets it pretty close but if it's a neon colour, or very vibrant then what you can see on the screen and what prints are very different, as per the diagram.

Designers know to develop logos in both CMYK and RGB colour formats so that the logo always prints and looks on screen exactly the same.

Make sure you're printing the CMYK file, not the RGB file. If you can't figure out which is which - usually a jpeg is CMYK and PNG is RGB.

However, if all else fails - you can always ask us for help!