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Gradient Logo Design – When to Choose a Gradient for Your Logo

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There is a difference between a gradient blend and stacked colours – often, people confuse the two, hence the need to clearly outline what a gradient is and what classifies as a gradient logo design.

What is a Gradient?

In essence, gradients are slow and gradual colour transitions in which colours bleed into each other. Gradients can be of completely different colours, they do not have to shades of the same colour.

The difference between a colour stack and a gradient is simple – a gradient blends and bleeds into each other. A gradient transitions, whereas a stack, is simply colours stacked beside/alongside each other.

Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering opting for a gradient logo design

What Industry Are You a Part Of?

Your logo, like we always say, is a visual representation of your brand. Not only should it resonate with your target customer base but also be industry-relevant.

So the first question you need to ask yourself is if a gradient will work for you in your industry. Are you a part of the creative field, like a marketing consultant or a designer perhaps?


What Is the Overall Feel of Your Logo Concept?

The next question is to weigh in how a gradient works with your logo concept. A gradient is more often used in symbolic elements of a logo, it doesn’t work well with texts. Ask yourself if a gradient adds to your logo or just makes it look busy and illegible.


What Mediums Will Your Logo Primarily Be Used In?

Are you a small business owner that has zero to no online presence and solely cater to local customers? Maybe a gradient won’t work as well on a physical branding material as much as it would online and on social media.


Not everything is for everyone, similarly, gradients should be used sparingly for they tend to have visual implications that need to be brand and industry appropriate.

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