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3 Tips to Overcome a Creative Block


Creative stagnation – a terrifying reality for most of us. Creative enthusiasm, for me, comes in waves, sometimes making it hard to maintain the same level of enthusiasm throughout.

Reasons for a creative block may vary from person to person,  ranging from emotional shifts to an overbearing perfectionist attitude.

I found that the easiest, most effective way of overcoming a block is identifying the glaringly obvious reasons that are hindering your creative abilities. However, sometimes it is not as simple as distancing yourself from an emotionally toxic situation or sorting financial matters.

 3 Easy Tips to Overcome a Creative Block

1) Distance Yourself

Take a pause, and take a step back. Sometimes all that is needed is for you is to pause and re-boot your internal system. More often than not a deadline staring down on you tends to intimidate your creative energies.

2) Experiment endlessly

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Try playing around instead of following the same route – if you treat work as a chore, it becomes 10x more boring.

Treat it as an opportunity to learn and have fun some whilst doing so.

3) Surround yourself with good energy

This one is more of a universal one! Surround yourself with good creatives, good people and good company. Sometimes hanging out with other people in the same field gives you a renewed creative energy.

Additionally, good company makes a huge difference and revives you.



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