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Marketing Your Business When Things Are Uncertain

One thing you can learn from the large players in any market is that when business or the economy is slow or uncertain, is that they market their businesses more, not less.

If you’re not in front of your clients, solving their problems, telling them what they need and how you can help when they need you most, their loyalties can shift elsewhere.

All businesses should be prepared to negotiate, adapt and improvise the products or services they offer to best serve their market as their needs change.

On another note, you could also work on your own personal promotion to gain personal recognition in your local area -the better known you are, the more opportunities will come your way.
If you
’re bringing a new product or service to the market in the coming months, Sitting Pretty Graphics will be here (working from home!) to help you promote it in the best ways possible.

Send us a virus-free email and we can chat (or even set up a video meeting if you need) to keep your business moving in these interesting times.

Cheers to new opportunities!

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