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Re-Purposing Your Social Media Strategy During a Crisis

In times that are gloomily uncertain, how does one use their social media to further their brand and still be empathetic to the situation?

There is an influx of information, almost an overload. We see unverified statistics, just basically anything anyone thinks is worth sharing is shared without authentication.

So how do you navigate your brand’s social media through these hostile waters?

Your Thoughtfulness Should Reflect In Your Posts

This is not the time to bashfully self-promote. You need to use a thoughtful tone in your posts. Crass posts that make feeble attempts at humour might ruin your brand image beyond repair.

Be understanding, and empathise – show that your brand is a brand that will stand by them.

Be Helpful – Verify And Circulate Accurate Information

Every community plays a vital role amid crisis. The graphic design community has come together to design creative infographics, cryptic digital messages and social media posts to help inform and educate people. For graphic designers, you can use this opportunity to show off your creative design skills and have people benefit from it.

Frankly, a colourful infographic is more helpful than large chunks of information.

Predict Customer Behaviour – Be A Source Of Positivity And Reassurance

Crisis being about a lot of uncertainty, hence, it is to utmost importance to predict customer behaviour and repurpose your strategy accordingly.

People are scared, anxious and worried. Reassure them that their investment in your and your brand is flexible and that you will accommodate and help them. Your posts should be reflective of one motto – the well being of our customers is of utmost importance to us.




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