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Designer for a Day – The 4 W’s

What is Designer for a Day?

An 8-hour workday for a one time cost of $960 inc GST.

Designer for a day is an idea that was materialised when I saw a need for temporary in-house graphic designers for small – medium-sized businesses.

There was a glaring need for brands that did not have the budget nor the workflow to hire an in-house graphic designer – s0 what did we do?

We came up with this concept that allows you to have a qualified designer with a laptop and all the necessary resources required to do a list of jobs that you provide.

Where does it take place?

The idea if for you to have a designer in your workplace for a day, you can physically interact with the designer and give constant feedback.

Why should businesses consider it?

Designed for True North Wellness during Designer for a Day

  • Quick, your work is done on a top-priority basis because they are there for you.
  • Saves you time and the hassle of back and forth emails.
  • You can physically interact with the designer enabling crystal clear communication.
  • Feedback is immediately received and revisions are done on the spot.
  • Our clients usually get at least $2000 worth of design done on these days.

When should businesses consider it?

Tweaking exisitng logo made to make it printable in every size

  • Do not have the budget for a long-term in-house graphic designer.
  • Want work done quickly.
  • Need a long list of small tasks done that would otherwise cost them a lot of time and money.
  • Perfect for: Businesses with a lack of design consistency, needing a professional persona across their entire brand.
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