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What’s The Difference Between A Typeface And A Font?

Typeface and font are terms often thrown around in the graphic design community; clients tend to get confused

between the two.

It is extremely easy for beginners to get confused between the two, in fact, most people think the two words can be used interchangeably.

As erroneous as that is, as a designer I can understand how easy it is to confuse between the two.

What is a Typeface?


A Typeface is simply a design of type. It has specific features that are common across all glyphs of a particular Typeface. So for example. if you open Microsoft word and select Times New Roman – that is a Typeface.

What is a Font?


Continuing our example, when you play around with Times New Roman and change the size to 12, Bold etc. you have yourself a font. A Typeface can be made of many different fonts that share the same design features.

An integral aspect of designing and branding is choosing/creating the brand personality appropriate typeface. This is then used harmoniously across all aspects of the brands marketing and media.

Just remember, Typeface is the design.


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