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Importance Of Typography – What Your Font Says About Your Brand

The importance of typography in logo design has been undermined in my opinion. For one to fully appreciate the impact of something as seemingly trivial as a font, it is essential to discuss the importance and implications of typography in logo design.

Branding is a holistic experience

Hand-written, customised font by Sitting Pretty Graphics

The logo itself may stand for a lot but branding is a multi-faceted experience. A logo does not necessarily have to have a written text, but it will be accompanied by written text in a lot of branding material. Exactly why the font we choose for your brand must be in line with the logo designed.

Each font has a tone of its own

A logo, the font, the colours used are the medium via which you convey your brand voice.
The way the letters form words can have an emotional impact on the brand’s customer base – the right typography will induce the right emotional response!

Outreach via good readability


Some designers get too wacky with their font selection if your message is clear but the font chosen is so curved that it makes it harder to read; the message will get lost amid the confusion.
With attention spans shorter than ever, it is necessary to select a font that not only complements the brand’s personality but is legible and easy to decipher.


All in all, designing is so much more than just choosing three pretty colours and presenting your clients with something that simply “looks good”. It is about something that feels good whilst being conceptually relevant to the brand!

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