medico legal business cards

Medico Legal Logo and Branding

The client was setting up his own practice and needed a logo and branding. He had a clear idea of concepts he wanted to include, including compass points and the colours from his favourite AFL team  

Work It Out Fitness Logo

Work It Out Fitness needed a new look. They wanted to show people what to expect from each session, a vibrant and positive energy. The client really loved a 90’s aesthetic and all the fun that goes with that.  

RJP Design and Decor

RJP Design and Decor did not actually have a logo, they had some text that sat on top of a photo of a palm leaf they used, at least consistently, across their branding. We created a logo for them using the palm leaf theme their customers had come to recognise, but which was now more widely useable in marketing materials […]


WIRQ needed to re-brand. They wanted their brand to represent women in the male dominated industries their members come from. They are an NFP aiming to empower women, encourage diversity in their professions, provide networking and professional development opportunities. Members come from many backgrounds including law, accounting, HR and insurances. The trick was to create a logo that represented women […]

Generate Real Estate

Generate Real Estate wanted an entirely new brand to portray: a stylish brand, trust and superior service. their target market were upper middle class families, your average suburban Mum & Dad, preferably with properties in the $500k – $900k range. The number one thing that separates GRE from their competitors is they actually care about the outcome for their clients. They focus on whether […]

Women Doing Business

Still in its final phase, Women Doing Business is working on launching a group and building a community of women who run their own ventures. We cannot wait to see the community these brilliant women grow and build. “Fiona and Sonia have collaborated to create a networking platform for fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to Learn, Grow and Take Action […]

Top Mark Tiling Qld

The deal with the installation of floor & wall tiles, and waterproof if need be. TNT Qld tile bathrooms, all types of flooring, pool areas, patios, and whole houses etc.  

Boxed by Becky

boxed by becky: graze brings you high-quality, visually-styled grazing boxes that can be easily adapted for people with food intolerances. As our grazing services have grown, so too have the requests for us to provide other bespoke gifting services. boxed by becky: gift was introduced as a gifting option that goes beyond flowers and typical mass-produced gift hampers. We wanted […]


A cafe based in Brisbane, Cafe YOYO targets workers going to work every morning craving good breakfast and exquisite coffee. Follow them on