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What Happens When Brands Lose Sight Of Who They Are

You will fade if you lose sight of where you came from and what you are.

This rings true for brands as it does for life. Often we see big brands shed their core identity, and re-market themselves based on the present-age consumer trends.

Pizza Hut has experienced declining sales and customer ratings. In 2018, Domino’s surpassed pizza hut in global revenue and becoming the largest pizza retail chain in the world.

Pizza Hut has been around for much longer, so why have dominoes been growing at a steadily increasing rate?

“Savvy marketing, innovative tech and creative ordering methods lifted Domino’s sales over Pizza Hut for the first time last year.” CNN

Consumers want quicker, easier and hassle-free delivery options. The modern consumer is impatient, ever-changing and rather spoiled.
Dominoes is extremely tech-savvy, modern and prides itself on engraining and practically implementing the latest technological advancements in their business playbook.

Another such move is

“We are excited to expand our autonomous delivery service in Houston with Domino’s delivery,” Cosimo Leipold, Nuro’s head of partner relations, said in a press release as part of the announcement. “Domino’s delivers millions of pizzas around the world every day, and the company shares our passion for focusing on the customer experience.”


A comparison of the Pizza Hut and Domino’s website for order delivery purposes found that dominos was clear read more here about home inspection san diego, easy to navigate and much more enticing than the pizza hut website.

So, we go back to where we began. Is it important to hold on to your history and values as a brand?

The answer is yes but there is also a big BUT! The reason being, though it is important to hold on to the values you established your brand on, it is also important to revise, revamp and revisit them to some degree.

This is why we, as branding experts, make sure that we retain what the most successful elements of a brands personality and implement them in their marketing material.

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