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Attributes of a Good Book Cover

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we are left with no choice, are we? Your book can have the best of content but a good cover will help it fly off the shelves faster.

So I decided to list down my checklist for a bang on book cover!

1) Does It Catch My Attention?

If I am in a book store or shall we try a more age-relevant example? I imagine myself on a website, a digital bookstore; I look at a potential book cover and think about how it will fare amidst hundreds if not thousands of book covers.
Is it captivating enough to make me click and read more? Will it make me want to know what the book is about? Does it connect to me, as a target audience and potential buyer?

2) Is It Relevant to the Book Title/Content?

A rather obvious one, you want your book cover to be relevant to the theme/content of your book. Let the creativity, and vibes exuding from your book cover speak for your work.
If you work in the field of mathematics, a cartoon-ish design won’t work for you click and find the best painter and decorator in dublin. Rather something that is visually descriptive of your content and sends a clear message to your readership.

3) Does Each Element of the Book Design Work in Harmony?

The difference between a professionally designed book cover and a hastily put together cover by either an amateur or yourself is the lack of attention to details.
A professionally designed book cover will be harmonious and relevant In all aspects of its design i.e the font, the image, the colour palette, placing of text, size of text and the list goes on!

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