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Understanding the New Age Consumer Via Brands

The modern consumer is more aware of their environment and what they consume. People do not just want to mindlessly consume anymore, they want to be responsible buyers.

It is not surprising that both new and existing brands want to capture this new market segment, thus the increased focus on creating and marketing sustainable products. One such brand is Everspring by Target.

What is Everspring?

Everspring is a sustainable household brand launched by Target. A brand based on the values of consumer awareness, the idea behind this brand is to cater to the ever-increasing market that wants to consume sustainable and environmentally safe products.

What makes Everspring different from Targets standard cleaning products?

Unlike most cleaning and household products, all Everspring products are either made from recycled materials or bio-based. From the packaging to the product itself everything is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Implications: What can we learn by studying such brands?

The implications of such studies extend to all aspects of a brand – starting right from the product development to the packaging and marketing.

As branding experts, we can learn how to incorporate this new consumer awareness into our logo, packaging and eventually marketing.

For instance, it is not simply enough for the product to be bio-based or made using natural fibres if it’s being sold in a packaging that screams “bad for the environment!”.

It is essential that the selling point is apparent in the product packaging and it is being kept at the forefront when marketing the product.

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