termitech logo embroidered mockup

TermiTech TPC – Securing your Properties

About the Company

Company nameTermiTech Termite & Pest Control

TermiTech TPC Covers the Greater Brisbane Region. They specialise in:

1)Termite/timber pest inspections
2)Termite treatments
3)Termite barriers
4)General pest control of crawling insects and rodents.

Source: http://www.termitech.com.au

Project Brief

Part of an extremely competitive market, TermiTech TPC wanted a logo that made their target market (Homeowners, real estate sales agents, and property managers) feel confident and protected.

Direct, and clear, they wanted their logo to include a graphic that was a clear depiction of what they do.

The Result

A logo that can mesh well with their red vehicles and charcoal uniforms, we decided to keep it clear, direct and simple.

The outline of the text box represents the protection/encasement from termites and pests – secure properties with Termitech TPC.

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