Rantings of a Graphic Designer – Quilling and how it makes me feel.

Ever get the feeling of serenity; pieces falling together and things coming together. As a designer, my head does not see mere colours but rather representations of moods and feels, similarly, quilling is the one thing that has endlessly fascinated me since childhood.


Quilling is simple the process of using strips of paper to form designs and pieces of art. These strips of paper can either be arranged or glued together to create an exquisite piece of visual that leaves one stunned.


Quilling to me is a form of meditation, a process that makes me feel everything has fallen right into place.

When the strips of paper come together in completeness, I feel this sense of tranqulity and fasciantion.

It is to me, the very definition of hope and how things that may look awfully disconnected can come together in the most beautiful way possible - you just have to dream big enough.


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