Brand Wars: Coca-Cola VS. Pepsi (Pt. 1 Difference in Advertising)


When we tend to look at two rival companies, and their approach to advertising; the Coca-Cola and Pepsi war serves as the best example of one. These two leaders of the soft drink industry always seem to be at loggerheads; be it for market share or the best holiday advertisement.

This brand war intrigues me to no end and how year after year each company bumps up their advertising budget to emerge as the world’s most favoured soft drink.

What was the “Pepsi Challenge”?

The Pepsi challenge was perhaps one of Pepsi's most successful marketing promotions. This marketing tactic sought out to settle the “does Pepsi taste better than coke” argument.

Common, unsuspecting people were made to blind test both the soft drinks. After tasting both the drinks, they were asked which drink they preferred. The test ended in Pepsi emerging as the victor with more than 50% of the testers preferring Pepsi over Coca-Cola.

Pepsi's Advertising Approach

Pepsi wants to come across as a fun brand that resonates with teenagers. Over the years we have seen that most of their advertisements are more sport, music, and fun-centred.

They want their adverts to reflect their assumed brand personality that is that of a cool and youthful brand.

Coca-Cola's Advertising Approach

Coca-Cola, on the other hand, has a completely different approach. They want to appeal to the emotional side of their consumers. With a huge advertising budget, coke has established itself as a human brand that advocates a sense of community and bond.

From their emotional Christmas adverts to their advertisements appreciating ethnic diversity, coke has managed to make its place in the heart of its consumer; evident in its long string of loyal consumers.


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