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It is interesting to look at different leading brands, their brand identity, and how it resonates with the common consumer.

One of the hippest cosmetic brands of the 20th century, Lush Cosmetics has a brand identity like no other.

How Lush comes across as a brand?

Lush has managed to establish itself as a cosmetic brand that is actively fighting for a number of social and environmental causes.

Unlike other, high-priced cosmetic brands, Lush markets itself as more humane and therefore unique.

What makes lush stand out is not only the fact that none of their products are tested on animals but also that instead of just using a cause for marketing - Lush cosmetics actually has content on its website that educates the masses on how to fight animal testing.

Lush routinely advocates a number of social causes and incorporates that campaign into their marketing and products.

The Lush Cosmetics brand logo is perhaps illustrative of what they stand for as a brand. The presence of a handwritten font is illustrative for their lack of support for excessive packaging and un-organic cosmetics.

A personal favourite of mine is the endless range of Lush bath bombs. Therefore, it is an added advantage that lush - with such a relatable brand identity comes with a line of some extremely fragrant, handmade, organic products!

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