Brand Identity – COCA-COLA

Coca-cola is perhaps one of the most influential brands in the world. Throughout the years, Coca-Cola has set out to form its brand identity and image.

Via their logo, endorsement, and advertisements, they have established themselves as brand that is based on one universal value – happiness.

Their advertisements and images portray them as a brand that is synonymous to happiness.

They way they have strategically placed their brand logo, makes them across as a brand that is committed to working towards more sustainable communities.

The Coca-Cola logo itself is an invisible asset only defining the identity of the brand but also the very base of a loyal set of consumers.


The new line of coke bottles now have a different colour theme for different types of coke, additionally, the top of the packaging has information related to the type of coke you’re purchasing.

For example: Coke zero has black in addition to the signature coca-cola red, with the top being “Zero sugar”

This new and collective ‘One-Brand” Packaging has made the coke packaging more informative, and therefore, more in line with modern consumer wants.


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