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Why a brand logo is the foundation of your business identity?

Brand logos lay the foundation for a brands identity; therefore, it is essential that your logo creates a lasting impression on your potential consumers.

Think back on all the logos that you can remember? What is the one thing that makes them memorable?

A good logo is the perfect combination of simplicity and brand identity.
More often than not, businesses tend to use free online logo creators as a cheap alternative – this, however, can be extremely damaging to the long-term brand identity of the brand.
Some of the reasons to invest in your company logo are:

1) Long-term investment: No one knows where your business will be in a matter of years, and using an online logo generator for a logo that might eventually become the cornerstone of your brand identity.
What our professional logo designers do is take your logo ideas and business identity; make it brand appropriate and memorable.

2) Essential to company identity: Your business idea can be great, but if your brand identity and idea. A logo that is not an illustrative of the thought process behind the brand – is a logo that fails to ensure customer loyalty.
What is it that makes the Nike tagline and logo so successful; what is it that makes the consumer choose a Nike shirt over another brand that is selling a similar product?
The answer is as simple as brand loyalty.

3) First impressions: Your brand logo is the equivalent of your first impression on a customer! A poorly designed logo or identity gives the impression of an equally poor quality product.

Some of the world’s leading retail giants and brands alike have invested in their business logo even before they became something big.
Consequently, it comes as no surprise that some of the most widely recognised logos include those of business giants such as FedEx, Nike, Starbucks, and of course, Amazon.

Jeff Bezos did not know that the Amazon logo would become the very thing people think of when they think ‘online shopping’.
The recipe to success is not only a great business idea but an even greater representation and illustration of that idea as a logo.

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