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Rantings of a Graphic Designer: Is a brand and a logo the same thing?

We often think that a brand and a logo are synonymous and can be used interchangeably.

Though a logo is a huge part of a brands image, it is not the only thing that makes a brand.

Business owners often wonder what a logo is; a logo is a visual representation of your brand and it's identity. It is a symbol, design, colour theme that connects your customer to the brand visually.

A brand, however, comprises a much more than a logo. A brands identity is everything about it, from it's story to its style and market share.

Using one of the biggest sportswear brands Adidas as an example, the logo itself, though extremely important is just an aspect of the brand's identity.

Adidas is much more than it's logo, similarly, Nike is more than it's swoosh tick logo. These brands have multi-faceted aspects that make them extremely successful brands.

We often see brands focus solely on a logo without paying heed to how it should connect with the brand's identity and story.

Some of the most successful logos are a successful incorporation of a brands entire identity into a visual representation.

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