Wickfield Street Hair

The Brief

Wickfield Street Hair is an organic, personalised hairdressing salon built beside the home of the business owner.

The vibe of the brand is happy, nurturing, self-caring, natural and beachy with a touch of luxe.

There are many home-based salons and they needed a way to stand out from the crowd.

Our Approach

Our concept was based around the idea of minimalism.

The business uses minimal nasty chemicals on your hair and face due to their organic products, there are minimal distractions in the salon, it is all about getting back to basics, looking after yourself and a personalised touch .

Thus, a monogram was developed using a handwritten font to convey the personal touch, with minimal flourishes and line even lines to portray a boho sense of peace.

The Result

The result was a monogram logo and handwritten longer version with a beautiful sage green and rose gold colour palette.

We created the logo, business cards and A4 trifold pricelist / menu as part of this branding project.

The business cards have space to write appointment times and the pricelist was designed with an area to write out a custom quote – it’s the little personal touches that make a difference!

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