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The Brief

BAAS just needed to be able to get started trading with the right logo from the beginning and will look at expanding the brand at a later stage.

BAAS Bookkeeping target Small-Medium Businesses (turnover $200k to $1mil) who have, or just about to, employ staff. Ideally with 1-10 staff Or Accountants / Financial Advisors who work predominately with the above.

When potential clients see the logo they should feel / sense trust and organisation.

The combination of bookkeeping and CRM support for tradies is what sets them apart from their competitors. 5 Key words that best describe what they do are Bookkeeping, Accounts, Payroll, Training and Support.

BAAS requested very clean looking fonts and had no colour preferences, just wanted the letters to stand out on the page. They are corporate but not a luxury item.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

Our Approach

We began by researching their main competitors in their local area, to see what colours / fonts they were using so that we didn’t end up looking too similar.

We chose colours that would appeal to a mostly male audience without appearing too high end, that contrasted well against both white and black and that can be printed on regular printers without changing.

A geometric clean font that is very legible at small sizes, with no ‘frills’ was used to help communicate to their tradie audience.

We developed 3 different concepts and presented them to BAAS, with the one being chosen: Balance; everything being balanced with BAAS threading through a business and keeping everything balanced and organised.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

The result was a no frills, corporate logo with a simple, sophisticated look that will be easily recognisable and useable on everything from printed marketing materials, pens, embroidered shirts and digital marketing.

The font chosen has many different weights which helps when considering further brand usage when we would want to keep this consistent and the colour scheme can be further explored in other brand pieces.

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