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True North Wellness

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About the Company

True North Wellness is an exercise, health and wellness centre integrating allied health & fitness practices in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team of passionate health professionals have the expertise and experience to support you to improve your health, no matter where you are starting from. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes or are recovering from an illness or injury we can tailor a personalised health plan to assist your needs. This may include helping you to move safely, eat healthier or have a more positive headspace. Source website

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

About the Project

With a logo that was designed from elsewhere, True North Wellness has a logo but no clear direction in terms of branding.

The need for clarity was needed in all aspects - They not only needed branding material such as business cards, letterhead design but also a coherent branding that went with their line of work.  There was a need for a clear brand that wasn’t too busy and could be recognised from a distance with their shop signage

It was important to understand what they do and how they do it before we dived into the designing aspect of the project.

Understanding what they do

They’re a multi-modality health clinic that focuses on holistic health and treating the cause of issues rather than taking a symptomatic approach. This approach translates into an increased focus on strategies to support life-long health.


wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

We used wavy lines in their branding material to portray the up/down journey health wellness is and Truth North Wellness' unwavering resolve to help their clients throughout/ at any point they need help.

The colours we used were in line with their logo, additionally, the colours are health and communication focused with a vibrant edge to introduce a modern approach idea.

The results were multifunctional, cleverly crafted business cards, stationery and brochures for True North Wellness.


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