Top marks tiling logo mockup

Top Mark Tiling Qld

Top marks tiling logo mockup

About the Company

The deal with the installation of floor & wall tiles, and waterproof if need be. TNT Qld tile bathrooms, all types of flooring, pool areas, patios, and whole houses etc.


wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

About the Project

We focused on their target demographic i.e Construction industry – Builders, Residential, commercial companies, renovations, local residents etc.

They wanted a logo that instilled confidence in their potential and existing customers about the work handed over to TNT Qld. Additionally, they also wanted their Unique selling traits highlighted i.e perfection, honesty, workmanship, and reliability.

The clients preferred light greys, black, sky blue, white, and neutral colours - pre-deciding our colour palette.

TNT was also looking for some social media templates for the launch of their social media handles.

Based on the brief we started working on 3 core logo concepts

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

The Client went with core concept 2 and wanted some revisions to fit their idea of their brand's logo.


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