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Orange Environmental

orange environmental logo

The Brief

Natasha wanted a refined and more in-depth interpretation of the idea she based her first logo on. The idea she wanted us to focus and work with was

“The idea behind the logo was the horizon of the earth, conveying the orange colours of the earth at sunset/sunrise and/or the Australian outback. I was keen to have an ‘environmental’ angle, without using the green/eco angle that so many environmentally based companies use. I’d like to keep the colour theme of orange, grey and white (and possibly purple as an extra accent colour which I use sometimes in reports where I need another heading colour), and also keep some incorporation of the shape of the earth or the horizon within the logo…”

She also attached some pictures for reference

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

Our Approach

The client provided us with an extremely thorough brief, thus determining the direction of our thought process. We focused and built on the initial concept provided by the team at Orange Environmental.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

Provided with an extremely comprehensive brief, it was a treat working with a client who had such a clear idea of what they wanted in terms of colour palette and basic concept.

We worked around the original idea of “Horizon of the earth” and incorporated the colour palette of the clients choice.

The logo itself is detailed enough to visually explain what Orange Environmental does, but at the same time clear enough to convey the very values this company is based on.

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