weatherproof restorations branded business cards mockup

Weatherproof Restorations

weatherproof restorations branded business cards mockup

The Brief

Weatherproof Restorations does roof repairs and restoration, mainly on tiled roofs but also on some tin roofs. The main target demographic is home owners.

They’d like clients to feel trust, comfort, protection, secure from the weather, feel like they are making an equitable decision.

Weatherproof restorations main point of difference is that they are extensively qualified, trade certified, widely experienced and professional roof tilers.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

Our Approach

Competitor research revealed a very common theme to simply place a ‘roof’ over the top of the business name. We felt that surely there was another way to communicate to clients who they are and who they can help.

We ended up focusing heavily on the colours in the branding as explained below. We created an icon that can communicate quickly what the company is about in a clean crisp, professional manner.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

Concept is a storm cloud surrounding a home.

This communicates to homeowners that their roof is the thing that protects them from the elements when these big dark green/grey clouds are approaching full of hail / loads of water. Using this colour will associate the brand with big hail storms, weather events like cyclones where this is the colour of the sky, and make WR the people they call to repair the damage, or even better, prepare for the storm season.

We created the logo, business cards, magnets and email signature for Weatherproof Restorations.

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