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Are Brochures Still of Relevance in Today’s Digitised World?

With a shorter with a s attention span than ever, our focus is the result of content being rammed down our throats.
Internet users like you and I have sort of developed a scrolling habit that just leads to us skimming through things and moving past without actually stopping to take that information in.
It is for these reasons in addition to many more that leads to our customers wondering if brochures are useful, relevant, and effective; we think they are.

Top three reasons to why brochures are still effective in improving brand presence and sales:

1)  Targeted audience: If you’re targeting a certain area, you know that your brochure is getting to your potential customer, and not getting lost amidst an overdose of information

2)  Personalised touch: With automated responses, and generic marketing, we are losing a sense of connection with the brands. Brochures can be sent out to old clients as a means of reforming the working relationship they had with you. This not only sends a reminder but also leaves a mark on the recipient’s memory.

3)  Descriptive: Ample space allows you to describe your product/service in the most attractive way possible. You can get creative, add pictures or more make someone design brochures for you based on your goals.
It is true that everything is digitised and it’s all about the World Wide Web but as the internet grows so does the disconnect.
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