JKL Freight Lines

About the Company

A transportation freight provider, JKL is a truckload shipping company that covers both inter-regional and national areas.

Project Brief

JKL wanted a text only logo, one that paid tribute to their childhood heroes QFM.  The team at JKL wanted something that was easy to decipher, yet a visual representation that left their potential and existing customers feel amazed.
They had a preference for a luxurious gold logo.
The process
Like all our logo consultations, we start by giving our clients a logo brief questionnaire to fill out. Based on the answers in the questionnaire, we design three logos/logo concepts for the company to choose from.

The Result

JKL decided to go with concept one. A wordmark logo, concept one was a tribute to their inspiration and childhood heroes QFM.

Their preference was something that was luxurious and gold, with golden colours come limitations in printing. Therefore, it is important to note that metallic colours cannot be printed by regular printers. If you want a true gold look you either need to print with special metallic inks or use a gold foil printing method.

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