Fledge by Flame

About the Project

A one a kind, fine jewellery goldsmith - the unique selling point of the brand is their ability to design bespoke customised jewellery pieces.

Client Brief

The owner wanted their clients to feel a sense of elegance, and be lead by piqued curiosity to look further into what they create in their workshop.

"I want them to see something different but unique"

Primary Use Of The Logo

The brand plans on using the logo as a hallmark stamp and wax seal; wanting to see FBF as a monogram.




Logo Design Process

We wanted to focus on earlthy colours as per the clients wishes, hence, drove design inspiration from the following images/sources.

With the colour palette decided upon, we started working on 3 intial design concepts to further gauge what our client is looking for.

Presented with 3 logo concepts, the client was then free to decide on one or ask for a revised version of one.

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