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Brisbane Small Business

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About the Company

About Brisbane Small Business
A community founded by Kevin Gammie, the sole purpose of BSB is to create connections and opportunities for small businesses in Brisbane.
Evergrowing, there are over 7,500 members in the facebook group.
Additionally, they arrange frequent face to face meetups as well as sponsored evenings with people like the Lord Mayor of Brisbane.
The newest offering from BSB is their member's directory (Nov 2019), to enable members to search, find and connect with other member's services or products they require.
Join the BSB Directory today to connect with other small business owners in the Brisbane region and shop local this year.
wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

About the Project

We worked with BSB founder Kevin Gammie and started creating a new look and feel for the Brisbane Small Business brand. Our aim was to create something that could build an instant visual connection,

The core idea behind the new BSB logo was the iconic Story Bridge and the Brisbane river; an icon on its own. The colour palette needed to be something of relevance to Brisbane and BSB.

We chose colours that are iconic in Brisbane so we borrowed that visual connection, paired it with a strong font and created the logo!



wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

The result is a standalone icon which you will see more and more of. We're very happy with the outcome and believe this will carry BSB into the future in a positive and strong way while they go about helping the small businesses of Brisbane.

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