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About the Company

iCar Service is a local mechanic that deals in repairs and maintenance.

"We provide a fast initial car service with follow up inspection report or a full service in our Kallangur workshop" Source Website

A sub-brand iCar Sales can help you source your next vehicle in addition to looking after your car repairs.



wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

About the Project

iCar Services wanted people to be able to tie iCar Sales to them. There was a need for an instant connection. When prominent brands launch sub-brands, it is preferable that there are certain overlapping elements that encourage carried forward brand loyalty, trust and recognition.

We wanted something that was different yet similar enough for there to be a thread connecting both iCar Services and iCar Sales.

wavy lines in different shades of blue and purple

The Result

The colour chosen is the triadic colour #colourtheory to iCar's original blue colour which alongside the same font, maintains consistency.

A printable version of green was used because as eye-catching as neons look in digital form, neon colours don't print neon.


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