Bringing Childhood Heroes to Life – JKL Freight Lines Logo

JKL wanted a text only logo, one that paid tribute to their childhood heroes QFM. The team at JKL wanted something that was easy to decipher, yet a visual representation that left their potential and existing customers feel amazed.
They had a preference for a luxurious gold logo.
The process
Like all our logo consultations, we start by giving our clients a logo brief questionnaire to fill out. Based on the answers in the questionnaire, we design three logos/logo concepts for the company to choose from.

Are Brochures Still of Relevance in Today’s Digitised World?

With a shorter attention span than ever, our focus is the result of content being rammed down our throats.
Internet users like you and I have sort of developed a scrolling habit that just leads to us skimming through things and moving past without actually stopping to take that information in.