Brand Identity – COCA-COLA

Coca-cola is perhaps one of the most influential brands in the world. Throughout the years, Coca-Cola has set out to form its brand identity and image. Via their logo, endorsement, and advertisements, they have established themselves as brand that is based on one universal value – happiness. Their advertisements and images portray them as a brand that is synonymous to […]


Brand Identity – NIKE

One of the most recognisable brand logos in the world, NIKE was named after the Winged Goddess of Victory. The way in which NIKE has marketed itself through its logo and brand identity – has made the brand synonymous with speed. NIKE established itself as a brand that is considered to be dominating the world of sportswear via constant celebrity […]


Brand Identity – LUSH COSMETICS

It is interesting to look at different leading brands, their brand identity, and how it resonates with the common consumer. One of the hippest cosmetic brands of the 20th century, Lush Cosmetics has a brand identity like no other. How Lush comes across as a brand? Lush has managed to establish itself as a cosmetic brand that is actively fighting […]

How to translate your Brand Idea into a Brand Identity?

SETTING UP A BRAND IDENTITY We often hear the word brand identity when there are discussions regarding start-ups and new business ideas. As businesses achieve a more in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour; there has been an increased focus on the importance of a brand identity and corporate identity design. If you are looking to start a new business venture, it […]

Why a brand logo is the foundation of your business identity?

Brand logos lay the foundation for a brands identity; therefore, it is essential that your logo creates a lasting impression on your potential consumers. Think back on all the logos that you can remember? What is the one thing that makes them memorable? A good logo is the perfect combination of simplicity and brand identity. More often than not, businesses […]